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Adelaide & Country Billiard Tables is your go-to destination for comprehensive repair and maintenance services for your billiard and snooker tables. With a wealth of expertise in the industry, our skilled team is dedicated to ensuring your table performs optimally, guaranteeing the best possible playing experience. From minor adjustments to extensive overhauls, we handle every repair with precision and care.

We are committed to preserving the beauty and functionality of your investment, using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to restore your table to its original glory or better. Choose Adelaide & Country Billiard Tables for dependable, top-notch repair services that will keep your billiard and snooker tables in exceptional condition for years to come.

Table Installation and Relocation

At Adelaide & Country Billiard Tables, we specialize in providing seamless table installation and relocation services for your billiard and snooker tables. Our experienced team meticulously handles every aspect, from dismantling and packing to transportation and reassembly, ensuring the safety of your valuable investment. With a keen understanding of the unique challenges involved in table relocation, we are committed to delivering a hassle-free and efficient experience.

Trust our experts to take the utmost care and precision with your table, delivering exceptional results with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Choose Adelaide & Country Billiard Tables for unparalleled service and peace of mind during your table installation or relocation process.

Insurance Repairs

Adelaide & Country Billiard Tables is dedicated to simplifying the insurance repair process for your billiard and snooker tables. Our extensive industry experience equips us to provide accurate quotes and detailed insurance claim reports for damaged tables. Our skilled team diligently assesses the damage, identifies the most effective repair strategy, and ensures a smooth restoration process.

We understand the significance of your investment and are committed to restoring your table to its original condition or even better. Rely on Adelaide & Country Billiard Tables to adeptly navigate the intricacies of insurance works, giving you the confidence that your table will be skillfully repaired and ready for continued enjoyment.

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We will address any repair or maintenance needs, ensuring your table remains in top condition.

Insurance Repairs

We understand the importance of handling insurance works for your billiard and snooker tables

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About Us - Adelaide & Country Billiard Tables

Adelaide & Country Billiard Tables is dedicated to providing exceptional craftsmanship, affordable prices, and outstanding customer service. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we have honed our skills in manufacturing, reclothing, installations, and relocation of billiard and snooker tables.

We take pride in transforming your old table into a new one with ease and expertise. Our services extend to residential and commercial clients, including mining companies, the hotel industry, and homeowners who cherish the luxury of a high-performing pool or snooker table.

With thousands of satisfied customers, our commitment to the industry is fueled by the trust placed in our abilities to manufacture, reconstruct, and refurbish billiard and snooker tables. All work conducted by our team is done with utmost precision, and our workmanship is fully guaranteed.

For more information or to request our services, contact Ross Doufos at 0493 404 449 or email him by clicking here. Experience the quality and dedication that Adelaide & Country Billiard Tables has to offer.

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